Lady takes her job of chasing tennis balls and chewing on dog bones very seriously… that is unless someone wants to give her attention. Lady’s primary role is to increase morale, [...]

Gavin Hills

Gavin worked for VibrantUSA building a customer relationship management software system utilized by insurance agents while he was attending Oregon State University. After graduating with a B.S. [...]

Chris Cantu

Chris is an Ambassador in the San Antonio Office and has over 8 years experience assisting AgencyRM and VibrantUSA in various roles including mail fulfillment, application processing, inventory [...]

Nick Brooks

Nick joined the AgencyRM team in early 2016 as the Sr. Marketing Coordinator. Having worked as a Marketing and Sales Director in the Medicare space for 7 plus years, he has a unique understanding [...]

Brad Westin

Brad has over 20 years in the Insurance industry as a Sales Account Executive with two major carriers. His focus has always been on producer engagement, development, and education through [...]

Mandy Moore

Mandy began her career with VibrantUSA in the Bellingham Office working in customer service and operations. She transferred to San Antonio Office in 2012 with a promotion to the position of New [...]

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