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Strategic Development and Acquisition (SDA) is a chief contributor in spreading the Guided Medicare Solutions message. We help agents across the country navigate the ever-changing chess board that is the Medicare landscape. Due to the fact that the country is broken down into counties for Medicare Advantage and zip codes for Medicare Supplements, the task of staying up to date with the changes in premiums, benefits, and carrier footprints, can be daunting to say the least! Our SDA team tackles this job from several angles which can be placed into two categories.


One of the main building blocks that forms the foundation of Guided Medicare Solutions is our ability to navigate the world of carriers as well as agents. We seek out and form relationships with both top national carriers, and smaller regional carriers, which puts us in a unique position to provide feedback and insight to agents about happenings in the marketplace, assist in creating procedures, and strategize at the carrier level, which benefits the industry as a whole.  We can then break down all the information that we collect and provide agents and agencies with better opportunities that will result in longer client satisfaction and overall stability.


While one section of SDA is focused on seeking out and creating opportunities for agents across the country, the other, is focused on reaching out to agents in those specific markets and providing up to date information that will help benefit their businesses.  This is done through personal phone calls, email blasts, webinars, in-person recruiting events, trainings, blog posts, and social media.  Our goal is to get agents the tools and strategies they need in order to be successful and to be first to the market with that vital information. 

Our goal is to better help agents and agencies across the country in their efforts to support the needs of Grandma and Grandpa. It takes both sides of our SDA team working in harmony in order to achieve that goal which we have set for ourselves. Together with our ever-growing downline, we are making a difference, and continue to strive for excellence.

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